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I am the Moon 1 title
I am the Moon and You are the Man on Me premiered November 2004 at PS 122, New York City

“Fun. Disturbing. Gorgeous. Hideous.” - Village Voice

“Who but Muz could so deftly turn hilarity into horror?  Muz’s no holds-barred, political incorrect imagination is in full bloom as she riotously objectifies herself but still manages to maintain the upper hand” -Gay City News

“largely humorous and aims to entertain, though don’t let this exterior fool you into thinking it lacks teeth” -Dance Europe

“Muz is more then the moon, she’s a star.” -Village Voice

Created by Julie Atlas Muz
Directed by Kate Valentine
Sound Design by Yehuda Duenyas
Lights by Severn Clay
Costumes by Machine
Make-up by Karl Giant

With the logic of a supermarket romance novel, I am the Moon and You are the Man on Me revolves around Muz, creator and star of the show. Muz plays the moon, in love with the men who are in a race to colonize her.

Starring: Julie Atlas Muz, James Tigger! Ferguson, Matthew Morgan, Angelo Iodice, Adrian Clark, Luke Miller, Jon Guymon


©2005 Julie Atlas Muz